Pros And Cons Of Chocolate Moulding Machine.

According to your product  requirement, we can  also   tailor  different   forms   of moulding,Higher  quality and  Selection  of  molding gear. Our company has strong technique and fabrication ability, and our operation combines grow, manufacture, sale and service jointly. Suited to medium to large scale manufacturing the depositor handles solid and stuffed snacks. When a mould is discovered underneath the depositing nozzles, it is then lifted to an equal elevation to the nozzle along with one shot of chocolate is deposited to every cavity of the mold.

Designed primarily for place depositing technologies, it may if needed also be easily expanded to match the requirements of one-shot depositing. The plan allows you to have a depositor that chocolate moulding machine is easy to clean, gives you the freedom to be creative with your goods whilst increasing the efficiency of your production.

It may make stuffed chocolate by installing multi-head depositor system, the max. A flexible stencil depositor to get e.g. perfectly shaped biscuits, breads and cakes. Before conclusion we invite all customers to see their equipment running and where potential with product. The goods that it may process range from smooth masses for financing, lid, or shell chocolate and decorations to the whole range of liquid and semi-liquid fillings: It deposits liquors, marmalade, or caramel as correctly as fat fillings of truffles and nougat.

This One-shot chocolate depositor is for small and medium manufacturing, you can acquire a vast selection of goods with different viscosity and consistency; pralines, truffles, filled bars, tablets and seasonal items with a quantity of filling up to 80%. QJJ330(3+2)/ QJJ510(3+2) Chocolate Depositing Machine. It’s fully automatic functions of moulds pre-heating, depositing, moulds vibrating, cooling, de-moulding and conveying, and adopts PLC control system.

Accessible for working widths from 420 to 1300 mm. The power extends from 22 kg/h for smaller chips (ø = 5 mm = 0.09 g) and 420 mm working width up to 710 kg/h with large merchandise (ø =19 mm =1.2 g) and 1300 mm working width. The depositor can also organize with chocolate cooling tunnel and other chocolate accessory equipments.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions about this Moulding Machine or other pieces of chocolate making equipment. Optimized basic settings are saved in an article-related foundation from the recipe memory and make sure absolute reproducibility of the manufacturing procedure. A worldwide market leading maker of production solutions inside the chocolate, bakery, and confectionery industries.

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